How to save loaded program in PCAS

  • Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone suggest how to save the loaded program in the PCAS?

    Previously in Windows 7 i am using control+A for save loaded backup, same how can I use in Windows 10?

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  • Why not just use K-Roset, then you would benefit from using the actual commands Kawasaki provide and have the bonus of having a virtual robot to work on too.

    PCAS is an unsupported plugin and was only ever released to distributors not the general public, so support is very limited when using it and the application shouldn't be shared publicly, from what I know.

    Press and hold CTRL, then press and hold SHIFT, then press A for SRAM.SAVE

    The application remains open, but further editing cannot be done due to memory locked.

    You will need to stop and run it again or close and open it again to continue.

    If you haven't modified the runPcAS ini file, you may get the re-initialization screen when you re-open, run it again.

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