Cubic-S User Safety Input

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  • As far as I'm aware Kawasaki never incorporated being able to programmatically sniff on the status of the hardwired IO in any form.

    Unless they have introduced such a feature.....would be useful for sure.

    As safety IO 1-8 dual channels are physical connections and carry test pulses, IMHO I suspect not as these pulses will cause flickering.

    One to verify with your Kawasaki distributor I think.

    The included image is from Cubic S Network Manual and suggests it could be possible though.

    Using the user input through output method, I think it could be possible.

  • Hello,

    In the future, you can try to use Ethernet/IP safety protocol in Cubic-S module. Here you can find a whole instruction manual in English on how to configure it:…ivity:7076848574776381440

    In your case it looks like the easiest option is to use a cubic-s output signal and connect to input in controller - and assign input to output (you can use only one channel in such an app)- thanks that you can see the status of input signal on Kawasaki controller.

  • Just a thought for your current situation as a temporary solution, you can setup a user safety output in Cubic S that that passes that status of your safety input. You could grab that output and take it back to the PLC or back to the robot as an input and then pass it back to the PLC over comms.

    I know for my application the safety logic controller(SLC) passes that status of the Safety output it sends to Cubic S directly to the PLC for visual display on the HMI since our SLC and PLC communicate directly to each other already.

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