Multiple Robot Territories

  • Hi Guru's

    I have a cell we done for a customer, it has two medium sixed 6 axis robots working close to one another, (nachi Robots)

    This project has been a very problematic project thus far with the customer at the route cause of most of the issues,

    Anyway I defined two areas ( 1 for each robot ) that the robots can enter unless the other robot has left, 3 years into the project not crashes as of yet, Hooray for me.

    Customer now is asking for cycle improvements and states that the area I have defined as too large.

    There are 2 tools the machine works on and I have defined an safe area for both tools as it just makes sense to keep it as simple and effective as possible.

    For me to do what the customers want I will need to activate and deactivate the SAFE Areas as per the different tools (Tools change every cycle via a Rotation table)

    So constantly dynamically changing them,

    I was wondering is this the normal way to do things or am I best to push back as best I can.

    I will say this, there is robot programmers who work in house for the customer and I an 99% certain they would of caused crashes if I hadn't defined the areas so well. As they are limited and I had to restore files from a back up previously as the screwed the program by defining a points I was defining via a ''Get Pos'' Type of instruction.

    Just looking for opinions,

    I am relatively experience to robot programming but I only do like maybe between 2-5 cells a year but usually 1 robot cells

    Thanks in Advance

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  • In my experience, the Territory definition tends to increase cycle times. I would program with an Output set and latch an input while inside the territory and reset it as it leaves the region. The second robot will check the Input before entering the area.

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