How to revive DENSO VS-6577G-B without RC7M Controller

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently got a DENSO VS-6577G-B (2007/03) (aka KUKA KR5 sixx R850) from a friend of mine.

    Sadly the controller unit does not exist anymore, so I am aiming for bringing this little fella back to live by using something maybe like "LinuxCnc".

    But I am having a very hard time, figuring out the exact technical specifications of the robot - especially the servos motors used in this model.

    By that, I have no idea, what type of servo controller could be used for powering up the servo motors.

    Here is what I found out so far for the servo motors:

    J1: Panasonic MSMA082T2U2 -> 750W, 200VAC | 06100146N | 410622-1570 | 11H10

    J2: Panasonic MQMA042T3V2 -> 400W, 200VAC | 09060086N | 410622-1580 | 10H26

    J3: Panasonic MQMA022T3V2 -> 200W, 200VAC | ?...................| 410622-1590 | 11H09

    J4: Panasonic MQMA012T3V2 -> 100W, 200VAC | 06100035N | 410622-1600 | 11H13

    J5: Panasonic MSMA8A2T5U2 -> 80W, 200VAC...| ?................... | ?......................| ?

    J6: ?[maybe the same as J5?] -> ?....... , ?.............. | ?................... | ?......................| ?

    But sadly I am completely missing further informations like the encoder type (mentioned above) and all those other motor parameters like Torque, Inertia, Poles Per Revolution, Winding Resistance/Inductance, Speed, Continuous Current, Acceleration, etc...

    As far as I understood, the original Denso controller-unit was the "RC7M" (or for the KUKA variant "KR C2 sr"?).

    So... is here anybody around who has additional information to complete, verify or falsify any of these informations?

    Maybe somebody has any experience in using conventional AC servo drivers for a robot like this?

    Also any kind of service manuals could be helpful.

    I would really apreciate any help in this topic.

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  • Code
    I have some documentation that might interest you.
    The problem is that I have no experience in the forum and I don't know how to send it to you.
    If you tell me how I can contact you maybe I can help you in part.
    All the best
  • hello again Holla DaFatFairy

    Have you managed to advance your project?

    You may no longer need help, but I would like to send you attached the pdf files of the parts list of your robot and a catalog of Panasonic A6 Series servomotors, which are the ones used by that arm.

    In that catalog you will find the features you are looking for.

    If the project gets too difficult maybe I could offer you at a good price an RC7 controller with the cable that robot needs and a teach pendant or a mini teach pendant to be able to operate the arm.

    If you need more information, do not hesitate to post your questions on the forum and I will try to answer them.

    I have a complete unit of your robot here and we can make any necessary checks.

    All the best

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