ABB Robot Studio not starting virtual controller

  • Hi all

    I'm having a problem when trying to open a project in robot studio. It says "RobVC::Launch: vcrunLoadSystem returned -2147024893".

    When I click OK it prompts another window that says "There was a problem starting the virtual controller".

    Other people I'm working with can open the file without issue so I don't think there is an issue with the file itself.

    I've tried robot studio 2021 and 2022 to open the file to no avail. I've also downloaded the add in robotware versions that should make it work.

    Any clues as to what the problem could be? Any help would be great. Thank You in advance.

  • when create "Virtual Controller" by "Installation Manager" (Create from Backup files),

    that VC working fine?

    If that created VC working, robotstudio's intergrity ok

    > Project file problem

    If created VC not working or similar error message appear again

    > robotstudio broken. Recommend clean install robotstudio apps.

    ABB, FANUC, Hyundai, Kawasaki

  • I created a VC from scratch and it works. The file that I had problems with was opening just fine on another persons copy of RS but not mine for some reason.

    Where would I look in the files for issues to resolve inability to open?

    Thank You

  • you said project so what data did you open and was the project already on the other persons RS?

    so did you use a .rssln or .rsstn or .rspag file?

    I am asking cause I have similar problems with useing different windows users on the same machine.
    One user can work without problems, while the other one needs to use a pack'n'go every time the first user did any changes.

    So just copying solutions or stations doesn´t work for me, even when i am not even copying but a p'n'g always works :winking_face:

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