Transferring Robtarget to New Work Object Quirk

  • IRB7600, RW v6.12.00

    This isn't a huge deal or even a problem really, just something I am curious about.

    I am working on a cell that had some positions taught in reference to the robot base. I wanted these positions to be referenced to the fixture, so I created some temporary jointtargets, moved the robot to the originally taught positions, and then modified the temporary jointtargets. Then I went about defining my frames as usual, then used the function CalcRobT and filled in the temporary jointtarget, tool, and new work object. When I went to the newly defined robtarget, the X and Y position lined up perfectly like before, but the robot went too deep by about 6mm.

    The work object in question is rotated clockwise 90º about Z and then shifted -2800mm in X, -730 in Y, and 750 in Z from the base.

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  • I would search the problem on measuring the new workobject.

    Did you use the correct tool to measure it?

    Is the object part in the wobj zero?

    Try to move to zero coordinates of the workobject with the working tool and measuring tool.

    And i would have done it a different way, you had much manual work to do, and this method will have nearly the same work:

    - Measure the new workobj.

    - create new normal robtargets for each position

    - move to old targets and touch up the new ones with the new workobj (or create a function that stores the actual position to new robtargets in respect to new workobj, and call this function after each movement).

  • what arm are you using? Also if the Robconf of the robtarget changes from the original target to the new, then you will likely see a difference also.

    A 7600-3.05/325, I compared the confdata of the old and new targets and they are the same. The base is not perfectly level though, so I assume the farther away from the base the TCP gets, the worse the problem becomes.

    Did you use the correct tool to measure it?

    Yes, there is only one tool that the robot uses for every task

    Is the object part in the wobj zero?

    I assume so? Because I only define the .uframe data, I don't touch the .oframe

    And i would have done it a different way, you had much manual work to do

    Yes you are correct, creating the jointtargets was not necessary, I'm not sure why I thought I had to do it that way :D

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