EtherNet/IP with F61 controller as scaner

  • Hi,

    I want to connect duAro2 F61 conntroller with Astrada PLC using Ethernet IP. I managed to configure connection: robot controller as adapter and PLC as scaner. However I want to set configuration the other way around (robot controller as scaner and PLC as adapter). For configurating fieldbus settings on controler I use IO Setting Tool application. There, for EtherNet IP fieldbus i can set: number of fielbus signals, IP address, subnet mask and gateway. Those settings are enough to establish working connection but with robot as adapter.

    Trying to set configuration (robot=>scaner, PLC=>adapter) I set number of fieldbus signals to 16, and proper IP address (using IO Setting Tool application). Then I configured Astrada PLC using CODESYS, I add EtherNet/IP and EtherNet/IP Adapter with 2 input and 2 output modules (16 bits in, and 16 bits out). But when I ran controller and PLC, there was no connection. Status of EtherNet/IP Adapter was "No connection established...".

    Should I somehow set something else on the controller or should I look for a problem in CODESYS and PLC configuration.

    I know that for example in F controller to configure it as scaner I need to set parameter TargetConfigConnInstance to match the slave/adapter device. But since duAro robots and F61 controller don't have teach pendants I don't know how to do it.

    Therefore my question: Is there other method of configuring fieldbus on duAro (different than IO Setting Tool application) or the controler configuration (conducted as I mentioned before using IO Setting Tool) is ok and I should look for the problem in PLC configuration?

    Thanks in advance

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  • The standalone F60 Controller does have this accessible via the teach pendant, so I would of thought on F61, a scan list could be configured, as you say there is no teach pendant, just the setting tool application.

    I've never used the application, but looking at it, I concur there doesn't appear to be anywhere to configure a scan list.

    Have Kawasaki verified that F61 with Duaro contains a scan list that can be configured, there doesn't appear to be any supporting documentation referencing ethernet/ip on F61 controller as a scanner.

    If it's not included in the IO Setting Tool Application, it may not have been implemented yet and I would contact them.

    I am just looking at a file save from KROSET F61 Duaro and there doesn't appear to be any scan list fields in there, assuming this is the same as live robot, I suspect maybe it's not implemented.

    A question for Kawasaki I think.

    I would be interested in the feedback you get from them regarding this as it would be useful to mark in my black book please?

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