Alarm 4109 - Reset on controller does nothing

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    I was poking around on adding a sensor on dx 200 controller and after i turned it on an alarm appeared on the pendant (Alarm 4109). I already search on this forum and i read that it probably is a blown fuse on the NIO board. After i looked what i wired, i found out that i missplaced some cables (🤦‍♂️) but nothing major and should be correct now. Is the fuse easily replaceable? And where can i find said fuse on NIO board? Where should i buy said fuse?

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    Bruno Nogueira

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  • The alarm can be reset but if the controller detects a problem, (such as a blown fuse), it will regenerate the alarm. If you are on a DX200 you do not have a NIO board. The NIO is the NX100 controller. You have the YIO board.

    The YIO is generally towards the bottom middle to right of controller. There should be 4 gray ribbon cables that plug into the board and run to the breakout boards where you wired your sensor to. Towards the top of that board will be two fuse holders.

    Yes, the fuse is easily changeable. You should have had a bag with spare fuses when the system was shipped.

    You can buy the fuse anywhere you buy other fuses from. Originally, it was a Littel fuse 3.15 A rapid cut fuse. 250V, I believe. That size is factory. if you are running an external power system it may be a different size. Replace it with the same size you removed.

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  • The YIO is this right? I see the cables to the daughter boards. There is no easy acess to the fuses. Am i supossed to take this all thing out?

  • After checking all fuses on YIO board, checking PSU i discovered the problem was a circuit breaker that fired. Problem fixed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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