Strange movement after baseware installed m94a

  • good morning

    I was recently called to a robot m94a/irb6400 that has lost the system and programs.on reinstalling the baseware the robot happily boots up and i can move it to the synchronisation marks and synchronise the robot.the problem is that when i jog in linear mode axis 4 and 5 do not follow the path,in y, y plane axis4 starts to rotate and z,z plane axis 5 starts to move off its intended path.this is immediately after installation of baseware so no programs loaded,no tcp defined. I read once that someone had to choose the motor type when installing m94a but my software doesnt give that option,this robot has elmo motors rather than more common seimens could this be the problem?

    Regards dave

  • thanks lemster,i tried all variants and the result is the same.i was wondering if there is a different version of the baseware around as mine doesnt allow me to query! It just goes ahead and does its own thing

  • There are a several things that can cause this. Let's see if we can narrow it down by answering a few questions:

    What version BaseWare?

    Is there a known good backup of the parameters from when it was running correctly?

    Is axis 4 motor Elmo or Siemens?

    What is the 3HAB part # of the IRB disk? If it isn't labeled, you can find it by viewing the text portion of the partially encrypted file.

  • Hi Skooter,my software version is 3hab2333-1/07

    And axis 4 is elmo,i have used this software successfully with Siemens motors but unfortunately it doesnt prompt me to enter motor type or offer an option to query

    Thanks Dave

  • BaseWare 2.1

    IRB disk part # should be 3HAB2340-1 for a 6400 M94A

    There should be prompt to select IRB type when loading.

    If it still moves in an arc. Try moving each joint about 90 deg on pendant and verify each axis physically matches. Perhaps we can find the axis or axes and follow that trail.

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