Torque unit

  • Hello,

    I'm a begineer in the world of robotics so please excuse my lack of knowledge.
    I'm working on getting the torques of every joints during a specific movement, i used karel programming, and more specifically $MOR_GRP[1].$CUR_TORQUE[]
    the data extracted look good, bu the only problem is the unit of these data. I tried to look on the forum or in the manual, but the unit is never specified. My results go up to 300, so i suppose it's not N.m or Amp . Where can I Find the motor torque constant ? I'm using a 6 axis robot M10iA 8L.


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  • Do you have access to the edocs (manuals). On the CRC you should be able to find the torque specs for each motor.

    If you look at the motor model number it will be like "Ais 4/5000". Which means 4 Nm, 5000 rpm.

  • User ps0f0r made a few comments regarding the $MOR_GRP system variables and their questionable usefulness in this thread here:

    It seems like most people get around the issue by using variables for motor current rather than torque, these current variables can be found in the same thread.

  • Thanks to the both of you,

    Indeed, I looked this thread but as ps0f0r said, the unit doesn't really exists...

    I created this new thread in the hope than something new emerged recently.

    I'm working on finding a way to convert this unit to a Torque unit and i will keep in touch if someday it works.

    Best regards

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