Fanuc TcP

  • Hey I have a question about a circular eoat which has 13 fingers on it, rotates and picks up clip at 13 different locations. I Tried three point method but it’s not working out for this tool. Any suggestions will be helpful Thankyou.

  • What do you mean by

    it’s not working out for this tool.

    It's a question just like

    My car doesn't drive anymore, what can I do?

    For a tool like that I would try to calculate the several tcp. Just measuring one of them. May be you have one that is aligned to flange system, then I would calculate all orientations, otherwise measure one of them with, think it is 6 point method, and calculate the other in relation to this one.

  • Make a toolframe for one of the fingers using the 3 or 6 point method. (pos 0)

    Make another toolframe by the same method for the next finger (pos 1)

    Write down the difference between the toolframes.

    Now you can calculate the toolframe for each finger and by changing the toolframe itself you can select each finger.

    Pos 0 = no change.

    pos 3 = pos 0 + 3 times the difference.

    pos 11 = pos 0 + 11 times the difference.


    When I look at your foto, I think a simple rotation on one axis is enough.

    That is much easier and more precice.

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