EthernetI/P Not showing on MotoSimEG-VRC

  • Hi Guys,

    I am new to the world of Yaskawa Robots.

    We have a DX200 controller with MH00024-A0 Robot.

    The controller is running DN.3.11.00 (Chosen when loading back to Motosim) version of the robot software.

    I have taken a backup of the robot and loaded it onto MotoSimEG-VRC Ver2021SP1 but I can't see the ethernetI/P Setup screen on Optional Functions.

    I can see the ETHERIP.DAT file on the back but it's loading for reason.

    Am I missing a trick here?

    This is the information from SYSTEM.SYS File:

    /SYSTEM 7

    //DATE : 2022/02/16 11:53:37

    //SYSTEM NO : DN2.80.00A(JP/US)-00

    //PARAM NO : 2.38


    //LANGUAGE : 2.80-00-00, 2.80-00-00


    YCP21 2.80.00,-----,

    YPP 2.33-00, 1.03-00, 2.03

    YSF21-1 2.61-00, 2.00,

    YSF21-2 2.61-00, 2.00,

    EAXA*#0 2.60-00, 2.00,

    YSF25#0 CPU1 2.50-00, 1.03, CPU2 2.50-00, 1.03


    R1 : MH00024-A0* 0011_1111


    TOTAL : 2019/05/23 08:41,19456:46'48


    TOTAL : 2019/05/23 08:41,17140:31'11

    R1 : 2019/05/23 08:41,17140:26'42


    TOTAL : 2019/05/23 08:41,03253:44'22

    R1 : 2019/05/23 08:41,03249:15'38


    TOTAL : 2019/05/23 08:41,02327:57'24

    R1 : 2019/05/23 08:41,02327:57'24


    TOOL1 : 2019/05/23 08:41,00000:00'00


    TOTAL : 2019/05/23 08:41,06197:06'59

    According to the manual, Ethernet Function can be activated from this window. but it's not there.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Please Hep.....

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  • Thanks for the reply. Can't believe I wasted a day trying to figure it out.


    The Ethernet function can active or see in this page but in the real robot, in the Motosim you couldn't see Ethernet and Ethernet IP menus.

    Is this particular to the DX200 controller or all Yaskawa Robots?


  • 哇,编程真的很棒!但我有一个问题要问。因为前不久被朋友推荐,买了个TFT显示器。我想把它应用到机器人显示器上。不知道行不行?

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