• Hey guys I just installed a robot in my shop not using it for production and I go to hook up everything and start it up but it is giving me a dcs sso nted input 1,1 error I don’t know where to look to disable this or reset it. If someone can help reset this I tried going to system then dcs menu but not sure where to look

  • AD
  • Select MENU > SYSTEM > DCS and then check the Safe I/O connect menu. There you will find all the safe connections, e.g. the NTED signal you are looking for.

    You will find further information in the DCS manual if needed.

  • How do I fully set up dcs parameters because I have did an INT start and took all the backups and image back ups on the robot before doing this just need to know how to set up the dsc parameter

  • Can you please post a picture of your DCS safe I/O connect setup screen?

    Edit: just looked back through this immediately after posting.

    Have you applied your DCS settings yet?

    Have you taken care of the BZAL yet?

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