Recover Tool Frame Data From BackUps

  • One of my students changed a tool frame that was being used in a previous written program, so when the cell goes into auto is using that tool frame as the data has been over written, i have gone back on back ups but when i try to open a VR or DG file they come up as binary, and i dont get any data out of it. How do i go about reading these files to get data out of them, or does anyone know how i can find the previous tool frame values?

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  • 1. Make a backup.

    2. Load framevar.vr from old backup.

    3. Now you can look for the old values.

    4. Load framevar.vr from backup made at 1. Or leave it as it is, if you don't need any changed frames since last backup, and skip 5.

    5. Change the frame to the value from 3.

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