RJ2 M16İ 3.axis release

  • One of our customers has a "RJ2 M16i" robot that I installed 4 years ago, and the robot is welding laser CW to stainless material. The robot is as shown in figure 1.axis is forced to work quite close to ground zero. The weight on the robot head is about 7-8 kg. Since we installed the robot, our customer is not convinced of the maintenance, and the robot welds almost 16 hours a day. Now there has been a problem like this for a few months now, there are no problems with the robot's welding points or operation, but when it finishes its work and goes to standby 3.the axis motor visibly releases itself somewhat towards Z-. I have almost no mechanical knowledge of robots. Do I need to get some reasonable support from outside or can I fix this problem by reading the document myself? The robot has not been maintained for 4 years, except for battery replacement at the beginning of each year only. It seems to be a mechanical problem, I am waiting for ideas from my masters.

    Note:The picture shows the normal working position, not the position where the motor is released. I took a picture to show that you work in this position all the time.


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