Fanuc R-J3 motherboard not powering up

  • Hey - We've got a Fanuc R-J3 controller that looks like the motherboard simply isn't powering on. All the other boards in the controller have LEDs indicating they are alive, but no signs of power on the main motherboard LEDs. Any ideas on how to check this is getting power? Upon booting, the teach pendant says motherboard not found, which makes sense since it looks like it is not powering up. Perhaps there is a connector or power supply I can check. Thank you!

    This is a used controller we are setting up for the first time, so not a failure of a previously running unit.

  • AD
  • The card whose picture you are sending with the error code on the screen is not the same card. The Fanuc motherboard in the picture. If this card did not work, only your screen light would come on, but no text would appear on the screen. The motherboard, which is written in the error code, talks about the "DeviceNet" communication card. It is also known as an I/O card. That card is located in a different place from the motherboard. Depending on the type of card, it may vary in some cabins, it happens during its rack unit in some cabins, and it may be on the cabin cover externally in some cabins.

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