Karel Program for assigning SNPX_ASG

  • Hello, I am looking for a little help to see if using Karel would be the best method to assign multiple SNPX assignments at once. Currently, if I am implementing SNPX assignments on a new line I have to manually enter every assignment and it can be quite time consuming.

    Any example of what the start of this code would look like would be helpful.. going through the Karel literature it is fairly complex to begin..

    assignments would be something like this:

    $SNPX_ASG[1].$ADDRESS = 1

    $SNPX_ASG[1].$SIZE = 100

    $SNPX_ASG[1].$VAR_NAME = 'ALM[1]'

    $SNPX_ASG[1].$MULTIPLY = 1.000

    $SNPX_ASG[2].$ADDRESS = 101

    $SNPX_ASG[2].$SIZE = 18

    $SNPX_ASG[2].$VAR_NAME = 'PRG[1]'

    $SNPX_ASG[2].$MULTIPLY = 1.000




    $SNPX_ASG[X].$MULTIPLY = 1.000

    Thanks :top:

  • AD

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