RSI Block Diagram Editing/Generation

  • Part 1:

    I am trying to configure an RSI application to set the axis positions from an external controller. I have this example RSIX file which is doing PosCorr but I want to do AxisCorr and it seems as simple just replacing the PosCorr block with an AxisCorr block but I cannot find information on how to edit the diagram and add/replace blocks. Does anyone know how to edit the block diagram?

    Part 2:

    Also, I have an older example RSI application which has the following files:





    (from ROS kuka_experimental for those curious)

    Is there a way to convert these files to an rsix file? If I drop them in the SensorInterface folder on the KRC4 controller, my application does not work like it does for the example rsix file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • AD
  • It appears I have RSIVisual but I see no way to add/remove/edit the blocks on the diagram. If I want to add an AxisCorr block, how would I go about doing that? How about a debugging block?

  • Go to Window menu and select Toolpanel option.

    It will open another tab at the same place where catalogs window is located.

    RSI options will appear there only if You have an RSI context file opened. Otherwise, Toolpanel will be blank.

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