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  • Hi,

    I have a robot IRB6650 with an IRC5 robotware 6.06. The robot has the option 888-2 PROFINET Controller/Device and has a CI502 bus module with a DX581 profisafe module.

    I need to add a PROFINET device to it. Neither working with ABB robots nor configuring PROFINET is something I do everyday. When looking at the I/O Configurator in RobotStudio it looks straight forward to do. However, in the Application manual, PROFINET Controller/Device, 3HAC065546-001 it is written that the I/O configuration can not be used with my version of RobotWare.

    For RobotWare 6.08and previous, to be able to configure the PROFINET controller,
    an external PROFINET configuration tool is needed. There are two different versions
    available: PROFINET-IO Configurator Express and PROFINET-IO Configurator
    Professional. Supplied in the RobotWare distribution package is the Express

    I can not find any PROFINET-IO configurator. Nowhere!

    The robot is in full time production on another site and to have access to it is hard. I need to be sure to not mess anything up once I start.

    Could someone give me a hint on how to proceed? What software could I use and it would be great with an instruction list.

    EthernetIP and other protocols are a breeze compare to configure PROFINET ;(

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    ProfiNet-IO Configurator is bundled INSIDE RobotWare package.

    Go to ABB RobotStudio downloads page and search for RobotWare Tools and Utilities 6.x

    The current one is 6.13.

    https://robotstudiocdn.azureed… (direct link)

    But You can find it on older releases as well.

    Download and unpack it.

    Go to /RobotWare Tools and Utilities 6.13/Utilities/Fieldbus/Profinet/

    You will find an installer called PROFINET Configurator.exe.

    Is this one.

  • Thanks !

    You just saved my day !

    It wasn't in the 6.13 bundle but I found it in 6.05.

    A follow up question. I'm worried about breaking the current configuration. I suppose I need to import the current ippnio.xml into the PROFINET configurator and add my device ? Do you know where I can find a user guide? I don't have time to play around and I would like to get it right from the beginning.

    Thanks again !

  • I don't think You can import IPPNIO.xml directly in PROFINET Configurator.

    Instead, You need the original .bcp file used to generate this IPPPNIO.xml

    If this robot was configured by a kind human bean, you will find the .bcp file placed at robot HOME folder. Sou you can open it with PC, make your changes, and generate another IPPNIO.xml from there.

  • And, if You plan to change the ProfiNet configuration, before You modify the .bcp file, You need to load all required GSDML files on ProfiNet Configurator. Otherwise, You will have problems generating the new IPPNIO.xml.

    If the robot doesn't have any node in its master bus and just communicate with PLC, this step isn't necessary.

  • That kind human being was a technician from ABB 4 years ago before I was working there. He didn't leave any .bcp file. I guess I'll have to redo it from scratch.

    One last question. Is it always possible to go back to the old PROFINET config by loading the old IPPNIO.XML or do I need to restore the system from a back-up?

  • Most changes will be undone just restoring the old IPPNIO.xml.

    But, depending on what type of moification You want to do, You will also end changing EIO.cfg and maybe other system files.

    So is always a good idea have an updated full backup at hand.

  • It didn't go so well... My device has a GSDML with revision 2.32 and is not recognized by PROFINET Configurator ( stops at 2.31!! ).

    Do you know any other program that could create the configuration file? TIA Portal?

  • The only other software that I'm sure that generate an IPPNIO.xml file is KUKA WorkVisual, but I don't know if an IPPNIO.xml generated on WoV would work with an ABB controller.

    Other software used to configure ProfiNet bus that I know are Siemens Step 7 and TIA Portal, Phoenix Contatc PC Worx and Hilscher, but I don't know if they generate an IPPNIO.xml or not.

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