Motoman, Allen Bradley, Cognex, Ethernet Connections

  • yes it is a possibility. Depending on how many I/O cards you have installed we really can't tell you exactly where the I/O will show up. Keep in mind you should be looking at EXTERNAL INPUTS/OUTPUTS to confirm if your commuication is working ok. When you view the external in/outs they display alot of i/o at once, not just 8 like the universal in/outs.

    Also, do you have a end of line resistor on your d-net network? Are the baud rates matched up? I believe by default, Compact Logix D-net scanner is setup for 125kb.

    Let us know if you see the i/o showing up on the externals.


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  • Alright I am not seeing any I/O turn on or off, how do I trigger outputs from the robot to see if they turn on in the PLC? Does the teach pendenant need to be in teach, play, or remote? I don't need to do anything in the ladder editor in the robot crontroller do I?

    Is it possible my master slave settings are incorrect? what should they be and where and how do I change them?

    The part number on the DeviceNet card is JARCR-XFB01B REV. D01

    I have an 120 ohm resistor at both ends my baud rates are set to 125k

  • Thanks for the NX 100 DeviceNet Manual that one was actually nicer than the one Motoman gave me.

    I figure out my problem, the robot DeviceNet card was setup for 120 inputs and 120 outputs which required 14 bytes and the scanner card for the plc was setup for 4 bytes for the input and 4 bytes for the outputs, also the slot number for the scanner card was wrong it was set to 1 and it needed to be 5. After that everything worked great I am able to send inputs and outputs between the robot and plc. My first introduction to DeviceNet was last Thursday so this was my first go around.

    My next set is shoot coordinates to the robot from the PLC, how can this be done and do you have any documents on setting this up?

    Thanks alot for all your help and time!

  • You will have to verify where those are mapped to (in controller)to use the 0xxxx and 1xxxx bits in a robot program e for your DIN commands....

    Do you have to do this in the ladder?

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