Kawasaki ROBOT Servo gripper overload related

  • Servo gripper overload related


    Please inquire about servo motors.

    Currently, E03, CP180L robots are being used, and a servo gripper using a 1kW servomotor is being used. (JT7, reduction ratio 1:20)

    How to use is as in the picture.

    Situation 1

    - When moving as much as the box size by position control, a servo motor overload error sometimes occurs. (Product deviation -3~3mm)

    Question 1

    - Is it possible to turn off position control and maintain grip when reaching a certain torque value (current value) after delivering the position control command to a certain position?

    (to prevent servo motor overload error)

    Question 2

    - If question 1 is possible, what AS commands or reference manuals can be controlled?

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    So you have a servo motor (external axis) configured as a gripper.

    No other limits set except for max open and close positional limits I'm assuming.

    In that case look at the attached AS commands.

    They should allow to customize the external axis (JT7) during opening and closing using AS commands.

    Never done it, but in theory you can utilize the WHILE DO, DIST commands to set a target position and then an interrupt to occur when specific torque/current values have been reached.

    You have other commands like DEXT and HSENSE (usually mapped to IO) that may assist too.

    As long as you set the monitoring values within the max limits of the motor, should be achievable.

    Otherwise, you may need to use the soft absorber function relative to JT7 to allow for additional squeeze.

    Current_Torque Monitoring.pdf

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