Looking for a safety PLC for Kuka KRC4 controller

  • Looking for a safety PLC for Kuka KRC4 controller. Does anyone know of a good place to buy new? Does anyone have or know someone who has a good used one? Thanks!

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  • No our KRC4 does not have X11. It has EthernetIP 2.0.3 safety interface. We are also wanting to connect a door contact and an e-stop button.

  • Then any safety-rated PLC capable of using EIP/CIP-Safe should serve. Your best bet is probably an Allen Bradley -- expensive, but probably most well supported.

    A key feature of EIP and CIP (CIP being the safety layer for EIP) is that, like most industrial Fieldbus types, it's a Scanner/Device (formerly, Master/Slave) type of bus. There can only be one Scanner, but a lot of Devices. The robot can act as an EIP Scanner, but not as a CIP-Safe Scanner. To make any CIP-Safe network function, you need a Safety Scanner, and Safety Devices.

    These days, you can usually get a PLC that acts as both EIP and CIP Scanner, and attach the robot and interlock units as Devices. Non-safe Devices can be connected to the same network (sensors on the robot end effector, for example) without causing issues -- you just can't use their signals for Safety purposes.

    Now, for safety inputs (door and E-Stop), you have some choices to make. Either buy network-based Door locks and E-Stops (more expensive), or buy simpler hard-wired ones (cheaper, but requires adding safety-rated input modules to the PLC).

    Something like one of these could give you an E-Stop and door interlock all in one, via CIP-Safe:


  • When it comes to safety, I try to not use second hand (personal choice).

    Your best bet is to contact your local distributor for Allen Bradley products as they can assist you.

    You will require more than just the Safety Partner (Which is what is posted above).

    You will require the Power Supply, as well as Safety Input (Output) card to wire your E-Stop and door too. You will also require an ethernet module to ensure you can communicate to the robot controller.

    The one you are looking at is the type ControlLogix, look at CompactLogix as the price range is quite different, especially for such a small application.

  • Maybe I was unclear. Allen Bradley has different types and models of PLC's. Some have Ethernet connection by default, some do not, and require an additional ethernet module.

    I have attached two types of PLC's (ControlLogix and CompactLogix) of how they look like and the possible slots.

    Contact your local distributor!

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