ABB IRC5 System Failure

  • Hi there,

    I'm having problems with some IRC5-RW6.08.01 Robots: only 2 robots from more than 10 identical robots connected to the same network, entered in a system failure state, APPARENTLY after a network loop (PROFINET) --> The robots restarted by themselves and a gap in the event log and the only error '20195: System data from las shutdown is lost' appeared.

    Someone knows why only 2 of more than 10 robots are having this problem? We had the same problem months ago, and not in all robots, after changing network configuration (all device IPs in the network to change management parameters in a switch...). Why the robot restarts by itself when (supposedly) detecting a network loop/changes in switches?

    The only difference, is that in robots with that problem, we don't have a Local_IO (EtherNet/IP Device) defined, while in robots that didn't have the system failure, we have it (DSQC1030 with IP We don't know if this parameter could be the reason for the differences.

    Someone knows what can we do to avoid this? If there are any changes we can make on the robot's configuration to protect it, I 'd like to know about it!

    Thanks in advance!

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