CRX 10iA/L Collaborative robot external deaman

  • Hello guys,

    It is a common practice with collaborative robots to place a motion enable button on the last wrist.

    It's mainly because it is really hard to move the robot precisely with only one arm....

    I am trying to external deadman switch, or something that bypasses the one on the TP for a CRX collaborative robot.

    My idea was to map the deadman signal to a RI signal which is controlled by the button on the 6th wrist.

    I was trying to browse the dcs safety signals, but I could not find the I/O for this.

    Do you have any ideas or recommendations?

    Thanks beforehands!

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  • Hello Welding Panda,

    I am new to Fanuc robots, and looking for exact same function as you posted. You mentioned there is a factory made solution for this, but I have trouble locating it. Can you please kindly point out where/ or which manual I should look into?


  • Hello,

    sorry for the late answer. I was traveling.

    If I remember correctly, i found it here:


    or here:

    FANUC Robot series R-30iB/R-30iB Mate/R-30iB Plus CONTROLLER: Arc Welding Function - OPERATOR'S MANUAL

    Have fun in the world of Fanuc! :)

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