Change IIC hand on the fly

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on a robotics cell with two LR mate 200iD that need to work in the same zone. That's why we began to use the intelligent interference check extension. They work fine together. They never collide and communication is perfect. My issue is that the cell receives approx. 200 different pieces. The robots need to handle all these kind of pieces (they are similar but never the same). Our solution was to always use the same utool, but change the offset depending on the piece we receive. This way, we can always use the same points and programs. This works fine as well. However, we need to update the IIC hand (zone around the grabber and piece) depending on the piece we have.

    I tried changing the system variable $IA_HAND[x].$ELEM[Y].$SIZE to modifiy the z value for different pieces length. However, I need to cycle power the robot so the modification takes place. I need a solution that can change the IIC hand during production (with I/O or changing the value directly) without needing to change the utool so I can use the same programs for every piece.

    Does somebody have this solution??

    p.s. We can make lower the number of pieces from 200 to 10-20 to simplify our problem by creating groups of pieces

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