How to change input/output name?

  • Hi all,

    I use Ethercat I/O coupling to control end effector. At the moment I can see I/Os as ChannelNo.Output and ChannelNo.Input. Is there any way to change "ChannelNo" into something more human friendly?

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  • Do you use a CS9 or CS8C controller?

    If CS9, did you create an EtherCat Master at J206? What´s your slave?
    We need some more information to help you.

  • Hello,

    with the EtherCAT slaves from Stäubli, I found a workaround to be able to rename the inputs/outputs. Although, it might be possible to do it in SRS by now.

    1. In SRS (SyCon), create the J206 Master and add the slaves to it
    2. Close your cell
    3. With "Windows Explorer" go to the location of your cell CELL\CONTROLLER_NAME\usr\configs\J206_EtherCAT
    4. open the file "J206_SyCon_ENI.xml" with a text editor tool
    5. Via search and replace you can rename your I/O's (need to be done twice per I/O)
    6. Save the file and reopen your cell. You should now see your new names

    I hope this helps

    The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory.

  • Psyril, thank you for the answer. I was sure that there must be a xml file where I could rename I/Os, but I didn't know which one and stopped before mess up something which I shouldn't. Does it work the same with Profinet I/Os? That could save me a lot of time transferring I/O names between machines.

    Do you use a CS9 or CS8C controller?

    If CS9, did you create an EtherCat Master at J206? What´s your slave


    Yes I have Master with 8 input slave card and 8 output slave card. Hardware side is set correctly.

  • To gain some time, I created an Excel file with macro. It runs like this :

    1. I create the IO configuration in SRS.

    2. I export the IO configuration to CSV in SRS (It is a little bit hidden) :

    3. In my Excel file, I import the CSV data.

    4. I created a sheet where I can link my signal name and a physical link.

    5. I "just" create a macro that rewrite the signal declaration sentence in the *.dtx file of my program, like :

    <Data name="diMyDigitalInput" access="public" xsi:type="array" type="dio" size="1">

    <Value key="0" link="J206_EtherCAT\Box_1_(X20BC00G3_ST1)\%I26" />


    Copy paste all these declarations in the *.dtx file, and your signals will be assigned quickly in SRS. Very helpfull when you have thousands of signal to link to physical IO :)

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