Adding an EL2008 into the robot IO cards

  • Hi all,

    KRC4, KSS8.6.8.

    KUKA delivered the robot with 1 EL1809 and 1 EL2809 which were already configured into the robot project.

    I want to add an EL2008 (before the EL1809) and an EL9100 before the EL2809 so:

    EK1100, EL2008, EL1809, EL9100, EL2809.

    When I try to add the EL 2008 and I deploy the project appears 2 errors KSS13007 and KSS13015 which that reads:

    <SYS-X44> Error Ethercat Bus-Scan. Device: CFG_Dev.: EL1809 16Vh Dig Input 24V, 3ms [BUS-Dev.: EL2008]

    I have downloaded the latest Beckhoff ESI files (which are the same than the ones in my WoV (latest version here).

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Missing any step?

    Thank you all!

    • Helpful

    Shouldn't be a problem, I have the same myself but I just have the inputs first in the bus normally.
    Do you have the topology reconfigured for the additional cards? Double click on SYS-X44 in the project structure and it will bring you to the menu.
    If not then there are rivets on the backplane that if the card is on one of the rivets it will not make proper contact, it looks like it is but it not making full contact and you will need to either move the cards or drill out the backplane.
    Otherwise there are 2A and 0.5A versions of the Ek1100 and some of the output cards, make sure that you have the correct version in the topology.

  • Hi Bottech,

    Been working with Beckhoff for years, I got used to add the first card to control lights and buzzers then inputs and then a power supply which I connect to the emergency voltage to get the next outputs without power as soon as an emergency kicks in.

    In the topology, changes were not made automatically... I really would have never imagined that... I imagined that changing the cards order in the left tree would automagically make the topology changes...

    In any case, I changed it manually to the right order and now it works properly!

    Thank you very much!

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