RobotStudio Issue (Rapid)

  • Hello all!

    I have the following problem while programing paths and actions: I want to drop an object at the end of a path (and that is what I have programed in RAPID) but the object is released before reaching the final point always (see figure). I have detected that if I reduce the velocity and the value of z parameter the robot drops the object nearer to the point but never at it.

    Someone could help me?


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  • Hi,

    If you provide a portion of the program, we are able to better help.

    That being said, what is the zonedata for your drop position? Is it a z0, or fine?

    Additionally, do you have sensors / signals that you are using to check you don't have the part attached any more?

  • You'll have to have a "fine" value of the zone or atleast z0 to reach the position without aproximation.

    MoveL DropPos,v500,fine,tool0 (This is a "Stopping" movement without aproximation-distance)
    Or atleast:
    MoveL DropPos,v500,z0,tool0 (This is a continious movement but also without a aproximation-distance)

    A tip is before you activate the signal for dropping the object, you could use "WaitRob\InPos" to make sure that the robot has physically stopped before doing any drop-actions. :smiling_face:

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