ABB Integrated Vision -- wiring/connection issue

  • Another day, another question:

    I have a brand-new IRC5 (RW 6.12) that (supposedly) was ordered with the Integrated Vision option. It came with two Cognex-labelled cameras (not ABB-labelled, which disagrees with the manual), plugged into their own Ethernet switch mounted on a DIN rail inside the door of the IRC5. The switch is connected to X5 on the motherboard, LAN3.

    Now, there is another Cognex camera on the cell-level network (WAN), but the cell PLC has control of that one.

    The issue is, if I fire up the Integrated Vision tab in RobotStudio, while connected to the IRC5, IV will find the PLC camera, and does not find the two cameras connected to LAN3.

    The IV manual says nothing about the physical connections between the IRC5 and the cameras, and the IV tab in RS doesn't offer any option to change LAN ports. So far, I haven't found any way to get IV to search LAN3 instead of WAN.

    Now, if I cheat and add an ethernet cable to connect the spare port on the Vision ethernet switch to the WAN ethernet switch, RS finds the two robot cameras, and I've been able to set their IP addresses. So I know the cameras are good, at least. But there's definitely some sort of disconnect (pun semi-intended) between IV's network config and the way this robot was wired up.

    Anyone ever connect up a pair of IV cameras?

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  • A photo of the inside of the IRC5 door. The switch on the left is connected to both the Private and WAN network ports, which seems very odd to me. The switch on the right is connected to the Cognex cameras and to X5/LAN3. The black cable running from the bottom port on the vision switch to the larger switch is the "cheat" cable I added to get RS to see the cameras.

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