error 2187 Communication error with TP or OP or MP

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix a 2187 Communication error with TP or OP or MP error code on a RC5 controller?

    I've tried the remedies suggested in the manual but with no luck. I have tried a different pendant but it didn't help, I even tried the dummy pendant and no pendant. However I don't have access to denso service.

    On boot up the robot gets stuck "loading the project" and is unresponsive. I can download the error log using wincaps and find the 2187 error. Unfortunately it won't let me upload anything successfully.

    I suspect I damage the mainboard as I had to replace a brake relay on it recently, however I cannot see anything obvious. Also if there are any schematics of the internals of the controller that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

    From the error code book:

    Code: 2187

    Message: Communication error with TP or OP or MP


    Description: A communication error has occurred between the teach pendant and the controller. Possible causes are: 1. Pendant cable broken, short-circuited, or loosely connected. 2. Teach pendant defective.


    Check the following, reconnect the teach pendant, and restart the controller. If the error persists, contact t
    he DENSO Robot Service Section. 1. The pendant cable is correctly connected, without damage or short-circuit. 2. The teach pendant is not broken or damaged.

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  • Hello Bender1

    It's a bit late and maybe you have already solved the problem, but if the driver still doesn't work, but you can connect the PC with Wincaps, I suggest (although I imagine you have already done it) that you first make a copy of full driver security.

    Then you could try to make a new project on the pc (with new parameters included) and try to load them into the controller to see how it responds.

    If this doesn't work, you may need to reload the system files.

    I have here an RC5 (RJC from Yaskawa) and in two weeks I will have another original RC5 from Denso with its recovery discs, but I don't know if they will correspond to your robot.

    If you think that with those files you can fix the problem, or if I can do something else to help, you just have to contact me.

    A greeting and good luck.

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