VKRC2 Software limits

  • A friend of mine got a job at a new factory in a city far from me. There's a Kuka VKRC2 robot. there is a 7th axis, and it moves on a sled. This sled wants to lengthen its length, it has no mechanical problems, but how to make a change in the robot software "limit and so on", it does not know. Since the robots I'm dealing with are always Fanuc, I don't even have a single idea about it. For me, what is difficult is probably very easy for Puppet masters...

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  • I'm not sure if I understood the question correctly, but if the rail (external axis) already has the right size, and You friend just need to set the software limit, he should login as expert, close all programs, an go to Setup > Service > Software limit switch.

    If the rail was changed mechanically, he must correct the machine data of the external axis in Setup > Service > Config External Axis.

  • Code
    to make expert input;
    -Enter the submenu named 'configure' from the upper menu.
    - Expert user is selected from the User Group tab.
    - Expert user password for Kuka robots is 'KUKA'. if not changed.
    In this way, the transition to the expert user is made.
  • Hello . I bought a second hand VKCP2 robot kuka. I do not have a User group password. Please help me how to return the password to kuka? Thankful

  • What do you have exactly? VKCP2 is a control panel and no controller version. VKRC2 and no disk for expert mode? Standard user group has no password protection? Please elaborate.

    Contact your seller. He should have provided all necessary equipment including passwords and key cds.

    Unfortunatly only in german but with deepl readable



  • Use correct machine data for your robot type (r1/$machine.dat, $robcor.dat). You can look for it on drive d. If you find nothing there you need to check either your installation cd or contact KUKA for it.

    How to enter user groups is explained in the handbook. Just download Programmers manual and system integrators manual from KUKA portal as described in Read First.

    You should seriously consider taking basic training. Forum can not replace this.


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