One of my robots are faulting out waiting for an input

  • I have four robots sitting in a cell and 2 out of 4 of my robots are faulting out which is robot 3 and 4 so on robot 4 it has a rivet feeder which loads the end tooling of the robot with the rivet so im getting this error "waiting DI" so this input signal is for the rivet feeder loading the tooling i could visually see the the rivet on the end of the tooling loaded ready to go but then it faults out saying its waiting for this input to be on meaning that its waiting for the rivet to be loaded in the tool end when it had been loaded in so im thinking it might be a logic issue or maybe something with the macros

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    You've written a lot, but conveyed no information can be used to help you.

    What robots? What rivet machine? Backups? Pictures?

    That's a first logic issue right there.............. :top:

    If it is an already working system, I doubt any issue will be within programs/macros unless someone's been tinkering.

    If it's newly concepted/commissioning then assuming hardware is good, could just be a case of mis-allocation/incorrect wiring.

    But without the logical information pointed out by Nation there's only logical advice available.

    Suggestion 1:

    - If you know there is a rivet there, then it should be safe to continue (by your assessment, not mine).

    - Jump to next step after 'waiting for DI'.

    - Process should operate as normal.

    - If permanent fault, will 'wait again' when it comes round to the next rivet.

    Suggestion 2:

    - Locate rivet loaded sensor output.

    - Measure voltage between output and 0v/supply voltage when rivet in place/rivet not in place.

    - See if voltage swing occurs.

    - If no voltage swing, then rivet sensor at fault or wire to rivet sensor/supply to sensor fault.

    - If voltage swing occurs, then wire to robot input break, or robot input at fault.

    Sound logical?

  • this is a bollhoff rivnut feeder system i am thinking that this might be a sensor issue on the head of the robot because i have re checked the logic and i seems to be fine so im thinking its a hardware issue with the sensor or communication cable because if not then program would have always stopped if logic was not correct

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