Trouble Adjusting Large Program

  • I am currently running a program on a Fanuc 100ic that is 715 lines long. It is a surfacing pad with 250 welds and calls a torch reaming program periodically throughout.

    In the past when creating surfacing pads I used the Program Adjust function between each run to raise the program up in the Z axis 3mm. When trying to use this same method with this program it tells me the amount of positions is too large to save.

    Does anyone know a workaround or solution to this problem? Would be much appreciated.

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    There are a few things you can try. Some may be subject to the options loaded on your controller. Some will be easier to implement then others.

    1. Program Shift Utility - similar to program adjust, however changes are permanent. You may run into the same issue.

    2. Adjust your TCP frame - Although I don't really recommend this, it can be an easy solution if your tool doesn't reorientate during process.

    3. Frame Shift Utility - Convert the points in your program from frame 0 to frame x. Then you can adjust your user frame as needed. As mentioned above.

    4. Tool offset / offset instruction - this would require more work as you would need to add this to each position, but you can dynamically change the position on the fly with a position register.

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