RoboGuide: When the base of a Fanuc robot is rotated, the UserFrame rotates with it... how can I avoid that?

  • SkyeFire and HawkeME Ok.. well I went ahead finally yesterday and made a reusable pointer jig for my EOAT as I think u folks reccomended. I created my first tool frame center point TCP using the 3 point method. Then with that TOOL Frame Active as tool #2. I went ahead and created my 1st user frame. Then with the new user frame #2 active and new tool frame #2 active i still can't seem to grasp how or be able get the robots X motion and travel perpandicular to the conveyor and the robots Y motion and travel aligned and motion parralell with the conveyor. I'm the guy with the robots base mounted on a 45 degree and to the conveyor. How about manually entering values for the user frame xy and z ? My tool is 12 inches long and it's straight in the z axis. It's diameter is just a little smaller than the diameter of the j6 flange itself. Can i manually key in however many mm equals 12 inches to the tool frame Z axis and the user frame Z axis. Then if i add a value to the user frame X value which is derived by measuring a cords distance mm of 22.5 degrees in the X axis plane until it intersects with the conveyor. Do the same for Y but subtract the value that I will put in the user frame again obtained/converted by taking a 22.5 degree chord from center of base out the same length of the x chords length was ? The z should be same. Am u still missing the other 3 planes of the 6 degree of freedom as mentioned earlier. If everything is just and offset of the actual robots line that intersects J1 and J2 where does it get the 4 other planes of it's position in space ? Yikes ! J

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  • Cartesian (XYZ) Motions are always controlled by what UTool and UFrame are active. When running a program, the program needs to have commands to activate the correct UTool and UFrame. When jogging, you must select the UFrame and/or UTool manually.

    Hitting the COORD button on the pendant lets you change from World (UFrame 0) to "Jog Frame" (I'm honestly not sure that that one does, I've always ignored it), "Tool mode" (lets you jog along/pivot around the Tool axes), and "User Frame", which lets you jog along/pivot around the axes of the UFrame.

    Then you must also select the correct UTool and UFrame (use Shift-COORD). The robot has multiple UTs and UFs available. By default, they are all set to 0,0,0,0,0,0, but when you Teach them, those values change. You can see the raw values in the Setup>Frame menu.

    If you want to jog along the Conveyor UFrame axes, but select Tool mode, that probably won't work. If you select UFrame mode, but select the wrong UFrame, you'll have similar problems.

    The various combinations of Tools and Frames the robot makes available gives you critical flexibility, but the tradeoff is that you have to manage those Tools and Frames carefully. And if you forget, you can find that you just spent the whole day programming a bunch of motions that have to be done over in the correct UTool/UFrame combination this time.

  • Interesting ! Very interesting. I think I'm starting to realize why our contact at Fanuc has consistently reccomended we start right off with line following with high resolution encoder. As you said the other day here time that the tracking frame is exclusive and with what your saying about frame management maybe it's best to start with it. I hear you about programming all day and then finding out at the end of the day u don't have what u expected. Thx guys... I mean right now as I have tried to infer we have do have our machines movements doing everything we need but again just because it's doing for example a pick and place does not mean we understand how less than optimal it's cycle times are operating at right ?

    Can't optimize unless you understand the robots software and rogrammimg architecture design, consequently Frames ! U guys have helped me very much here and I'm very greatful. I like I own you folks are saying the tool frames start and the user frames begin and then consequently I everything builds solidly up logically on that. I'm struggling but im going to spend 3 or 4 days on the floor and hopefully demonstrate to myself that I can create frames and programs and combinations of programs with combinations of frames .


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