ABB Integrated Force Control

  • 1st at all , sorry for my bad english.

    But I have a few questions if there is somebody who have a better knowledge about the integrated force control.

    1. So we are using IRB 2600 robot with ABB force controller for grinding. Does force control understand the weight of tool what we are using for grinding or do i have to create Load data and put the weight of our tool to this load data or do i leave it to 0.1kg (I assume you need to have some kind of mass in load data). I mean the weight of our tool is in ToolData already. Basicly we dont add anymore load but im curious can this force control understand the weight what we use in our tooldata and in our current tool or do i have to do it seperately.

    I dont know can you guys understand what im trying to say but atleast I tried :upside_down_face:

    What im trying to figure out if I have 4.5kg in tooldata for the tool what we are using and 4.5kg in loaddata for force sensor, does it understand this like " Okay so we have 9Kg load"

    Im gonna try to do example below:


    toolGrinder, Mass 4.5kg etc etc


    loadGrinder, Mass 4,5kg etc etc

    FcCalib loadGrinder;



    toolGrinder, Mass 4.5kg etc etc


    loadGrinder, Mass 0.1kg etc etc

    FcCalib loadGrinder;

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  • Only assisted with Force Control quite a while ago.

    I found the Force Control Application Manual (3HAC050377-001) quite helpful with setup & operation.

    If you don't the manual in your native language, request it from here and someone may have it.

    What version BaseWare is this robot running? I have several revisions of the manual in English.

  • Hi!

    Thx Skooter. Our robotware version is 6.13 and tools in our robot is in this order:

    Force Control -> RSP Tool Changer -> RSP Tool Adapter -> Tool.

    I found out that you can measure load data with FCLoadID (I think its using Force Sensor to identify load instead of Robots motors?) aswell but its still kinda confusing since theres a huge difference between FCLoadID routine and LoadIdentify routine results (FCLoadID 7.3Kg , LoadIdentify 9.4Kg).

    My native language is Finnish and im pretty sure theres no manual in my native language :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But its okay. I can understand english very well, its just alot harder to speak and type.

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