Automatic parameter change

  • I need RS005 parameter (FTP function enable) to be set to 0 in order for LOADJ instruction to work (I’m using this to load the jobs from YasXfer). I also need the parameter to be set to 1 in order for MotoSim File Transfer to work. I need the file transfer for when I’m away from work and they need me to assist.

    So can I write the parameter change into a job? I have separate load jobs that load the necessary jobs depenging on the product to be welded. So if I could change the RS005 parameter inside a job, I’d set it to 0, then load the jobs and then set the parameter back to 1 again for when I need to access the robot via MotoSim. Writing all that into the load jobs would be the best option.

    Or if that can’t be done maybe I can put the parameter change to IF panel? Then it would be 0 for the load jobs to work, but when online assistance is needed, the operator would have to change the parameter to 1 via a button in the IF panel.

    Suggestions, ideas are welcome.

  • What generation of controller are you using? As far as I know, on DX200 and YRC1000 the SETPRM Inform command only allows the setting of S2C and S3C parameters (3 to 194 and 64 to 1087 respectively), not RS. Also its use is restricted to Macro jobs.

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