Hobby Robotics with VS-6354CM & RC3-V6A

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  • Hi, I'm David

    Have you ever experienced "Error 106" when starting up the robot arm and at the end of the steps to calibrate the motors of each axis ?

    I checked the error codes table and still can't resolve this error...

    My arm is the same model as yours. It is also a second-hand robotic arm that has been idle in the warehouse for more than 6 or 7 years.

    There are exactly two sets of robotic arms and controllers (but after checking the RANG value on the sticker, I determined these four, they are not in the same group as each other...), it was confirmed that both sets of robotic arms could work normally before being idle.

    I calibrated the motors of each axis according to the service manual and other files you shared with you in the project record on "The Hobby-Machinist" web page.

    However, I encountered many problems during the calibration.

    The project status recorded on your web page was also something different.

    My steps are as follows :

    I first replaced the two types of batteries, turned on the power, and executed "Memory Clear Mode".

    Then "Error 106" was displayed every time I turned on the power (but it could be cleared by pressing the C button), and then when using the shorting jumper to perform an encoder reset , only J1 and J2 will display Error 771 and 772 after reset, but other axes do not display any errors.

    Then when doing the CALSET operation of each axis, J1 and J3 can be completed successfully and display "CAL OK", but J2, J4, J5 and J6 will not display "CAL OK" at the end of calibration, but will display "Error 106".

    I would like to ask if you have encountered the above problems during the calibration process ?

    If not, what do you think might be causing this problem ?

    I am Taiwanese and my English is not good enough, so I use a translator, sorry about that.

    Thank you very much for spending a lot of time reading this message.

    I hope you can reply to me when you have time, thank you.

    Finally, thank you very much for your project record, it really helped me repair this robotic arm!

    I wish you all the best


  • Hi David,

    Welcome to Robot Forum!

    Do you have access to all the manuals for this robot? If not, I can find a way to share them with you.

    From my understanding, Error 106 is a result of the lithium primary battery in the controller going dead. You can reset the RANG values all you want, but if you don't replace the battery then it will continue to lose memory. I do see you stated you replaced the controller battery, but worth a double check of both polarity and voltage.

    If you have not done so, double and triple check all the connections in the robot body per the maintenance manual.

    Can you tell me the full part number of the RC3 controller (such as RC3-V6A)? There are dozens of robots supported by the RC3 controller family, but the controllers are different configurations for each one. You would need the RC3-V6A controller to run a VS-6354 robot.

    The memory clear procedure provided to me by Denso is as follows. I did not need to perform this, as my controller battery never died.

    1) RC3 All clear command to wipe out memory area:

    Press [BCLR] [1409] then [Enter]. Then Press [Sure] then [Rec] keys.

    2) Clear all programs and variables:

    Press [BCLR] [123] then [Enter]. Then Press [Sure] then [Rec] keys.

    From there, you should be able to power cycle the controller without getting an Error 103 or Error 106 when first powering on the RC3 controller. (Owners Manual A, page 6-15 thru 6-18)

    At this time I would also double check the robot encoder backup battery voltage and polarity. You can verify this at the motor connector inside each joint of the robot. Make sure all 6 motors are getting 3V. (Owners Manual A, page 6-13 thru 6-14)

    Now perform the encoder reset procedure (Owners Manual A, page 6-23 thru 6-29).

    I found if you have not configured PLIM, NLIM, and RANG, then CALSET may fail. Start the Limit Definition Procedure (Owners Manual A, page 5-82 thru 5-87). Note that after you finish entering the PLIM and NLIM values per the manual the RANG1-RANG6 values are the next to show up. The manual does not tell you how to enter or modify these, but this is the time to enter those values from the sticker on the base of your robot.

    If this works it is time to CALSET the robot (Owners Manual A, page 5-88 thru 5-95). I did not have the J6 Calibration jig, so I had to develop my own method of calibrating J6 by measuring the angle of a flat I milled onto some end of arm tooling relative to a flat plane. It isn't perfect, but it works!

    If you have gone through these steps and are still getting stuck, please record you exact steps (keypresses, actions, etc.) and the resulting error codes displayed on the pendant. I'll dig in deeper to see if I can help.

    I'd love to see photos of your setup if you are willing to share. Do you have any of the accessories like the operation panel, floppy loader, vision system, etc.?

    Good luck

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