Kuka EIP/CIP trouble

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  • We did a reinstall of the EIP package and now have *some* communication, but are running up against SNN troubles. These are more familiar and I'm much more confident now.

  • messing up with KLI settings is a good way to make connection not work. it is good idea to leave filters etc at defaults and only assign correct IP address.

    red banner across the screen tells that safety interface is configured but connection to safety master (external safety PLC) is not working or that master did not integrate safety yet. this requires configuration and programming on the PLC side.

    safety task in PLC must be running and it must be activating certain signals. one of the very important bit unfortunately not named signals is the first bit (Byte0.0) which KUKA just calls "Reserved" like many other reserved signals. But this one is different. it need to be true and then the red banner will go away.

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  • We managed to solve it today by uninstalling and reinstalling "KRC4 EthernetIP". For some reason this driver seems to have been corrupted or missing. After that the KSS00076 "I/O Driver 'EIPIODriver' uninstalled. I/O mapping not active" error stopped appearing and all our EIP configuration started working as expected. Thanks for the help panic mode. For the SNN, we had to "set" the SSN on the PLC module, once we managed to get a connection to the Kuka and started seeing that error.

  • Hello Guys ,How this bug was finally fixed...I'm currently having this problem too,Is it fixed by reinstalling the software and it works? Thanks for the help.

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