FANUC SRVO-0023 & SRVO-0036 Fault

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    Today i have a problem with FANUC R2000iC - cabinet R30iB Mate Plus. First alarm is SERVO-0023 and after few hours SERV0-0036. Problem is on GRP[2] Axix[1] - this is additional axis with spray system. What I see is the fact that in Axis STATUS > PULSE > in Possition error after robot came to home pos (where he waiting +/- 2min ) Robot make a gentle movments. Pos Command is 0 but in possition error i see large distortions - value go to high ex.9500 (or 2000 or 12000) and go low to +/- 100 and stop in this pos. But I think that this value is not real problem because with 9235 value robot start next cycle without problem. I think that problem is when the robot must to start new cycle and this value constantly changing (axis make gentle movment). Can you explain to me what these functions are about.

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