Epson SCARA G6 RC+ 6.2.3 Vision options unavailable

  • Hello,

    I bought an Epson G6 system with two robots in one controller RC620 kit. Beautiful set with only 1000 hours on the clock.

    It has a Fieldbus Master option and also Security, but unfortunately, the Vision Frame Grabbers option is not active.

    I tried to contact Epson but they said this system is no longer supported and now my only chance is to try Vision with third-party software.

    You guys seem to be very familiar with robotics and hopefully, someone can help me find a solution to start a vision on this system.

    Actually, the Vision is preinstalled in RC+ 6.2.3 but need an activation code key which I don't have and don't know where to find it.

    I've got on the shelf some frame grabbers Meteor2-MC4, cameras including USB and Ethernet Sony XC-HR70, JAI CV-A1, IDS-USB-UI-1240LEHD

    but I don't know what's the right way to make it work.

    I guess it will need only one camera installed over the robot (maybe on the robot body if it's better) for recognition of the shape and position of a paper sheet approximately 200 x 300mm

    Always these sheets will be loaded in the same place before the robot picks them up.

    Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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