Ping remote pc from KR C4 controller

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    We're currently trying to connect to a remote PC with our own server app running on the kuka controller (not unlike the KukaVarProxy). We configured KLI such that we can ping it from the external PC. Now on the controller only the virtual network adapter is configured and it prevents us to ping the external PC from the controller, because it is rerouting the traffic.

    Is there a trick to check if the controller can reach the external PC, nonetheless the rerouting? I am a bit lost here. ;(



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  • Dont know if you have found a solution yet but here is some troubleshooting advice from a very very old network guy. assign all IPV4 network addresses to the devices you wish to connect manually as a purely local network (no DNS server involved). go to the cmd window on your windows computer or robot that looks like dos and type tracert followed by the ip address of your target device (you can see how it works by typing tracert or tracert on a machine connected to the internet though this will use DNS to resolve the IP addresses concerned- you dont need this added level of complexity if just hooking up a couple of devices locally)

    The tracert command will give you the ip addresses that the data packets will follow to get to the target device. if you have the average ADSL internet connection that you are testing on it will return the ip address of your router followed by the router it is connected at the organization supplying your internet connection followed by others till either you get to microsofts spoof address or 30 hops.

    Hope this helps


  • ping from KRC is possible but it need to be done from vwWorks, not Windows. tracert is slower but provides more info.

    in most cases i just connect things to a lan, assign network settings and ping everything from my laptop.

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  • I should also have added that a second level switch or even a hub should be used when working things out as it removes even more complexity as they will provide hardware level connections between the devices without adding software/firmware complications .I believe the VXD to Windows connectivity is made inside the Kuka robot and can be tested by pinging the VXD fixed ip address from within the Kuka windows installation. I have done this on my krc1/win95 installation and another KRC2/Windows XP installation. with newer Kuka robots your mileage may vary. You are 100% correct, tracert can be slow / is slow :)

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