Kuka KRC4 external PLC control

  • System -

    Robot - Kuka KR10 1100R with KRC4 controller

    PLC - Siemens S71516

    Hello everyone,

    For my project I want to write a FB to control the KR10 robot from the Siemens 1516 PLC. Is there a manual for a signal map and timing charts for robot start/stop and program select over PROFINET? I have looked at the MxAutomation library but I want to write my own FB as the library would be overkill for the project.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Take a look at the KSS8. System Integrator manual, under Signal Diagrams. The timing diagrams for the start/stop a program, enable drives. call a program number are there.

    You would map the signals for AutExt control on the smartPad (which signal is which input), and in WorkVisual to map the (digital) IO signals to your profinet device.

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