SafeMove vs Backups

  • Quick question: does the SafeMove configuration get saved to a normal backup, or does it need to be saved separately? I thought the Backup also saved the SafeMove config (the various SC_* files), since if/when I build a virtual controller from a Backup, I get the SafeMove config. But I've heard from someone else that they learned the hard way that if the SafeMove config gets corrupted, doing a backup restore doesn't bring back the SafeMove.

    Now, I've never (yet) had this happen (knock on wood), but let's say I have the worst-case scenario: the robot hard drive gets completely corrupted. I have a good "normal" backup from before the robot broke. If I restore the backup (after fixing the OS-level issues, obviously), do I get my SafeMove back automatically, or are there additional steps I need to take? And when I'm making backups, are there additional steps I need to take to ensure I have my SafeMove saved?

    Or... is there a different failure mode I'm not seeing here? The SafeMove controller is a separate module, so what happens if the SafeMove module loses its memory for some reason? Can I restore my SafeMove from a backup? Basically, I'm looking for the "gotchas" that I haven't figured out yet.

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  • Personally, even if I know that the configuration is saved in the backup, I always make a backup of the safety configuration.

    At least if I have to restore only that one I'm faster.

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