DNDRV ERROR CreateInstance faile

  • Hello everyone,

    I am newbie at KUKA Robots.

    We bought a used KUKA (V)KR C2 Robot for our business and with the guidance of my two helpful friends, I was able to convert the Auto-Ext mode to T1 mode and used the robot for a while in this way.

    I purchased the following equipment to operate the magnetic gripper I designed for this robot.

    • WAGO 750-306 Fieldbus Coupler DeviceNet
    • WAGO 750-504 4-channel digital output; 24 VDC; 0.5 A
    • WAGO 750-402 4-channel digital input; 24 VDC; 3 ms
    • WAGO 750-600 End Module
    • WAGO 788-710 Solid-state relay module

    But after connect the WAGO equipments and change the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI some problems appear;

    • DNDRV ERROR CreateInstance faile
    • DNDRV RdCfgErr 5
    • DNDRV WrCfgErr 5
    • Configuration error I/O driver DN2DRV
    • Controller booted
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\R1\$machine.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$machine.dat
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$custom.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$custom.dat
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$machine.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$machine.dat KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$option.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$option.dat
    • Accu-voltage at PM1 below 22 during last buffering.
    • Drives contactor off
    • An unspecified error occurred: D:\
    • Initialization in progress
    • Initialization in finished
    • PowerOn finished.
    • EMERGENCY STOP External Emergency Stop Pressed

    Robot can not communicate with WAGO even I change Output status by manually on monitor menu.

    What did I do wrong? How can I fix these problems?

  • first "read first"

    KSS Version and so on

    You are right, sorry.

    I just started the robot and I took some photos for you before taking any action and also I have attached the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI file as compressed.

    I don't know why, but since the day I edited the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI file, I get the unknown operation mode error the first time I run the robot.

    It is fixed when I turn it off and on a few times.

    Or when the robot is energized but not moving, I disconnect the XS2 connector and plugging it back in and it 's fixed to T1 mode.















    All of the images just 3.09 MB and it's not stored at Robot-Forum servers.

    sounds like you did more than you admit. there should be no folder KRC:\KL1500K

    After I converted the system components from V KRC 2 to KRC 2 electronically(Handle wiring etc.), I backed up the image in the hard disk of the computer and install (with some Kuka Expert suggestion - and he gave me the new image file for HDD) another image.

    Maybe the robot that owns the image I just uploaded had a KUKA KL1500/2 Linear track? or maybe I just install the wrong HDD image for this robot?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

  • You need only one set machine data.

    Make a backup of your hard drive (image)

    Then delete KL 1500K directory (then messages module not unique should be gone)

    (maybe cold start neede)

  • I delete the KL 1500K directory than cold started the system. Results;





  • Can't see the termination resistor.

    You don't use correct cable, should be a shielded cable with 4 wires.

    Picture of the other side of the devicenet cable, at the robot?

    Have you connected the 24v power to the connector?

  • What is your expected macid (according to your picture: 0)?

    (In iosysini you are using a different macid!)

    Do you have the documentation for 750-306?

    Besides of missing resistor (maybe not needed - check documentation)!

    It is always good to have the documentation of the used modules and do as instructed!

  • switch configuration (1-8) 10100001 but switch 1 is LSB and switch 8 is MSB so it really is 10000101.

    First two switches (MSB side) indicate that baud rate is 500kbps

    remaining 6 switches/bits (LSB side) indicate that node address or MacID is 5.

    that matches DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI settings.

    so the problem does not seem to be the configuration, it is wiring.

    this is not proper DeviceNet cable as seen by colors of conductors.

    picture shows two cables connecting to 750-306. but i do not see 2 wires per terminal, no termination and no shield. it looks like two cables are used to bring enough conductors in an attempt to replicate what DeviceNet cable would do.

    one terminator would need to be at MFC (begin of the bus) and the other terminator would need to be at the other end of the bus... which is at 750-306 because that is the one and only (and last) node.

    as such one would need to add terminator right there.

    finally i see no 24V connected to the DeviceNet bus. This need to come from some 24V supply (or robot cabinet, 27.1V is fine), through dedicated fuse (2A) and connected at first and last of the five DeviceNet terminals.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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