FANUC Skip Condition Stop Speed

  • Hello all. I am using a skip condition to find part height and adjust frame accordingly. My "Height_Check" program works great, but I really need to gain some cycle time. Is there a way to increase stopping speed when the skip condition is satisfied? My robot does not decel very quickly, and it really affects cycle time because I am doing two "finds". A rough skip, and a fine skip. If I could increase stopping speed, I think I can get my cycle time where I need it to be.

  • Hi,

    there are two ways to do the skip condition on Fanuc, please take a look at the picture :

    Line 1 - the robot will stop smooth forward depending of the speed

    Line 2 - the robot will spot almost immediately ( be carful with the speed , must not be more than 100 mm/s I think ...).

  • This did work, thank you! I was able to go to 150mm/sec and was ok. I wish that FANUC also had a DECEL time like they do ACC for motion instructions, that would have made this much easier!

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