Send email with Fanuc robot

  • Hi all,

    I would like the robot (Fanuc LR-mate with open-air controller) to sent me a weekly or monthly 'produced parts' E-mail.

    Is this possible? Has anyone tried something like this before?

    with kind regards,


  • AD
  • There is a section in the HOST COMM setup for setting up a mail server, so it is possible, but out of all the jobs I've been on, I've never seen it done or set it up.

    Also, you might want to involve IT to setup an internal mail server, as you don't want your robots connected to the internet.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • If you have the socket option, it may be easier to setup sending the information across to a independent service then emailing it from there. Say like a python service accepting information from the robot in unidirectional communication line and then interfacing with the internet.

  • Or you can connect a group-output to a raspberry-pi and e-mail from there.

    Use an extra i/o to tell the robot to display the data.

    Realy safe, because the robot is not connected to the web.

    Don’t forget to use a levelconverter.

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