Epson scara robot mechanism in ABB Robot Studio

  • Hello there,

    I'm doing a project in RobotStudio as a student. This is my first bigger project in robot programming.

    I would like to add an Epson Scara LS3-B401S to ABB's RobotStudio. After model import, I orientated the model, set the local origin to zero. (but I am not sure about the "Frames" position and the "Calibration" position-maybe it is the reason for my problem).

    If I try to use mechanic joint jog it works well. After that, I tried to add a System in many ways, but I cannot use the "Jog linear" or "Jog reorients" (glitchy model or lack of moving arrows).

    I already tried to use the ABB's Scara controller (IRB910SC) but it has 4 joins (main have 3) /the rod is divided into 2 parts and has 2 joints/.

    I tried to add a SAC too but I haven't found there right coordinate system for my robot (XYZ isn't the right choice ofc.).

    I added a custom system too based on this tutorial but it was glitchy too (and the system automatically overwrites my joint limits :/)...

    I appreciate your help!

    PS.: I added a 4th joint which is a rotation of the shaft, but there are no moving arrows for "Jog linear" or "Jog reorients"

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  • Sorry, I have to correct myself... I have to run it in VR. The main goal of this project is to show how an Epson (specifically) scara robot would work in a medical environment, moving test tubes, taking samples with a pipette.

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