Kuka KRC2 ed05 and Mitsubishi Iq-r ProfiNet

  • Hello everyone :yesyesyes: ,

    HW configuration:

    KRC2 V5.6.12 ed05

    Profinet driver V2.3.3

    CP1616 Firmware V2.5.1

    Mitsubishi Iq-r RJ71PN92 master profinet module

    I'm trying to figure out how to configure communication parameters between robot controller Kuka krc2 edo5 and Mitsubishi PLC Iq-r via ProfiNet.

    I think there is some problem with mapping I/O in kuka robot controller :waffen100: , i found some manuals for profinet and cp1616 configuration but for now i can't establish proper communication.

    The topology i did is shown in the picture below, my idea is that PLC (Mitsubishi RJ71PN92) is a master for Kuka krc2 and Kuka krc2 is a master for Festo device with modules ( digital I/O).

    I have tried the following cases:

    1. Only KRC2 as controller and festo device, i successfully mapped inputs and outputs from Kuka KRC2.
    2. Only Mitsubishi PLC and festo device, also successfully mapped inputs and outputs from Mitsubishi PLC.
    3. When all systems are connected in topology which is shown in the attached picture, i can see devices on the network (Kuka krc2 and festo device) from PLC software, but i can't establish transfer data (inputs and outputs) with Kuka krc2.

    There is code from kuka krc2 controller.

    My questions are:

    1. Is this topology possible from Kuka KRC2 controller?
    2. What is about mapping I/O from kuka KRC2(Device) to PLC(Master), are there some banned addresses from kuka?

    Thanks in advance, i hope there are some answers. :beerchug:

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