Adding I/O in R30iA controller

  • Hi, a bit new in robotic.

    At my internship, we have 2 R30iA controller but it seems like there's no I/O port on it. I took a look at another cabinet in the shop and it has an I/O interface connected to a row of yellow I/O port via an I/O link cable.

    In the manual, the CRMA58 and CRMA59 ports are the ones where the needed card should be connected to, am I wrong?

    My question is, what module/card do I need to have I/O ports on my R30iA controllers?

    Thank you for your precious help!

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  • Do you have a copy of the FANUC Robotics I/O Unit–MODEL A Connection and Maintenance Manual? It has all the info you need.

    My manual came with an RJ3iB controller, but I expect it would be the same for the R30iA - here's what it says you need:

    A base unit (they come in 5 and 10 slot, horizontal and vertical - ABU05A, ABU10A, ABU05B, and ABU10B0

    An interface module (AIF01A, AIF01B, or AIF02C)

    An I/O link cable (K1X) going from JD1A on the controller to JD1B on the interface module

    Power cable - make your own. My manual calls for an SMS3PN-5 housing with RC16M-SCT3 pins, but both of these have been discontinued by the manufacturer - I was able to find compatible replacements when I did this project last year.

    I/O cards - See attached images.

    As I said, this is from an RJ3iB manual; but should at lease get you pointed in the right direction until somebody more knowledgeable comes by with a better answer.

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