Hold from external input

  • Hi all I would like to hold robot movement when a contact is close and restart automatically when contact open from where it arrives before pause.

    I read about interrupt job and registers from codes and I have a yaskawa fs100

    Can someone help me?

  • Do you want this in a robot job or is the ladder an option or a combination of both?

    Restarting automatically (unintended) is iffy depending on safeguards.

    I am a little confused with some of the terminology:

    A hold is accomplished through the concurrent i/o ladder program.

    A PAUSE is an instruction in a robot job.

    Interrupt job is a paid software option. It is a floating CALL JOB. When the input that is set up transitions from off to on between an EI and DI instruction the Job called will execute.

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  • So that is a safety system then. You need to review risk assessment and safety regulations to ensure you are setting up a safe environment.

    This barrier, it is protecting a part load area? a shared space with robot operations?

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